Statement – still no news

Statement – still no news

After a week of representatives of this and other groups pushing the chairman to bring the financial situation at the club to a swift resolution, we have been told that funding is it’s way, as per reports in the media, are still awaiting confirmation that this money is in the club’s bank accounts and available to settle the outstanding wage payment.

We will continue to push for action and news on this front and are also looking for assurances that…

  • the wage bill is settled
  • there are no other creditors waiting for payment
  • funding is in place to get the start of next season
  • plans are in place to deliver on the owner’s intention to run the club sustainably

We want to see solid, evidence of these plans including steps that will be taken with timescales that the chairman can be held accountable to.

We also strongly believe that the chairman needs to come out and communicate with all fans about how the club has ended up in this situation.  We note that a time and date for the promised, recorded, interview with Wigan Today has still not been provided and implore Mr Al Hammad to set this immediately.

A week is too long to sit in silence with  supporters left in tenterhooks wondering whether our club has a future.  Good communication is key to good management and we are seeing neither at this moment.   

For one final time, we ask the owners and board of Wigan Athletic to demonstrate some evidence that they are capable of the task in front of them.

Shape up or sell up


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