Shape up…

Shape up…

Well, we’re here again.

If it was difficult to trust a chairman who’d gone to ground when things got tough, how hard will it be to trust a man who’s look you in the eye and told you that everything was going to be ok?

Despite assurances of funds being in place and promises of fresh starts, our players have again gone unpaid.

Whether this is through incompetence, a lack of funds or some other issue, it is unacceptable. After the issues our club has experienced in recent times contingencies should have, and indeed we were told they had, been put in place.

We’re at a loss, but we will continue to fight for OUR club.

Monday was supposed to be a day of celebration of the life of one of our own, Liam Sephton. Another fan, Peter Sutton is due to attend what is expected to be his final Latics against Rotherham.

We are considering carefully what, if any, action we can take, together, whilst still honouring these two occasions. However we want to know that we share your frustrations and anger.

Regardless of whether we protest on Monday, we want it to be known that the owners and board are now on notice. Enough is enough, one time was too many, 5 times is simply not acceptable and the silence from them is palpable.

We say, no more. Stop treating us like mugs.

Paying the players, explaining how this is not going to happen again is no longer enough.

We want a stable football club, we know that is the best way for us to have a club that our children and our children’s children can be part of. We believe that stable clubs, with strong, open and transparent owners, are successful football clubs.

Are Phoenix 2021 able to achieve that?

It’s time for them to shape up or sell up.

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  1. David Hall

    Not for the first time couldn’t agree more

  2. Ste W

    Any plans in place regarding protests at the Rotherham game lads? We can’t just sit back and do nothing!

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