We welcome the statement from the board of Wigan Athletic regarding the future of the club. We do however subscribe to the phrase that the board have previously used, namely that actions speak louder than words.

A significant part of the fanbase has lost all faith in the board’s ability to safeguard the club over the coming months, when there have been more than enough chances to make good their costly mistakes.

We have no issues with the EFL and the punishment they have meted out to the club. They have been clear and considered in their handling, and the board now need to take responsibility for their inaction. The club needs to accept the punishment, move on and adhere to EFL sanctions and rulings and move on from it.

We are pleased to hear that there will be a structured plan going forward, and eagerly await this being implemented. There is a long road back to redemption for the current ownership group and we are happy to engage in dialogue with them as to how our collective goals can be met.

In the interim, we return to the initial sentiment of actions speaking louder than words. To this end, we will continue to push the ownership over the coming weeks until the following is delivered:

  • Confirmation that funds are now in place in a UK bank account to meet player wages, HMRC payments and all other material expenses
  • Confirmation that wages are paid in full and on time to all staff on Friday 2nd June
  • A recommendation that the early bird season ticket offer is extended until the end of June, in light of the above
  • That a restructure of the board is undertaken and open lines of communication are extended to this group and the other representative fan groups to have a transparent discussion and ongoing dialogue concerning the future of our football club

Indie Latics is a temporary name, but our aims are not temporary.

We are not going away. If the last two years didn’t teach us anything as a fanbase, the last few months have surely hammered it home. Our football club needs a strong, independent voice that can gain representation within the club, but also hold the owners to account to do what they say they would.

To this end, we will continue to grow and mobilise over the summer months. There are several ways you can get involved which can be found on the website by clicking here.

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