SPEAK NOW: Today’s action & statement from the Chairman

SPEAK NOW: Today’s action & statement from the Chairman

Can we start this message by offering you, the Wigan Athletic supporters, a massive well done for your efforts today?  To take such a simple idea and turn it into a massive impact is a testament what can be achieved when people act together in a single common interest.  You made it clear that the continued lack of communication from the board wasn’t acceptable.

Your efforts put the phrase “too much silence” in the top 5 twitter trends this afternoon, beating both Roy Hodgson and Jesus.  If it hadn’t been world poetry day then who knows what heights you could have reached.   On a more serious note, you forced the chairman out of hiding and we finally saw a statement from him about the situation at OUR club.

 Mistakes have been made, some of which may take some time to repair, and for this, I apologise.

It would be churlish not to acknowledge the admission of mistakes and the apology contained in the statement.  It’s also good to know that the board are working on paying the players ASAP.  But the real problem, that we should never have ended up in this position in the first place is glossed over and instead we have a promise to explain things once things have settled down.

I understand that the supporters expect – and deserve – a detailed explanation of the club’s position and our plans for the future….

Our immediate focus is to resolve the remaining wage issues. But as soon as these most pressing issues have been resolved, we will provide a full update for supporters.

Again, we support your efforts in prioritising the wages of the players, but the board should know that we will hold them to this promise and continue to pursue a satisfactory explanation of the events that led to our current plight, what lessons they have learned from them and what plans are in place to prevent them from happening again.

I stand by our mantra that ‘actions speak louder than words’, and I expect to be judged on those actions.

We will also hold them to their mantra, and ask, where possible for independent assurances that wages have been paid and other aspects of the “agreed decision” with the EFL have been adhered to.  The Independent Latics Supporters Group are what steps may be possible to press this issue with the board and further communication will be issued in the coming days.

Most of all, we hope (and expect) that this statement is the start of open and honest dialogue from the board to the supporters.  Have you have shown today, the chairman, CEO and other board members cannot sit in silence leaving us to worry about the future of the club we hold dear.





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  1. Ste W

    The two main questions need honest answers from the Chairman.

    1, Why a fourth late payment in 8 months knowing full well that the club already in a relegation battle would be deducted 3 points and most certainly see us relegated to League 1?

    2, After an agreement with the EFL that money should be placed in a bank holding account to pay wages on time in future, to safeguard againt late wage payments, this agreement was not adhered to, why?

    Honest answers please!

  2. Alan Maloney

    Because they have no coin.

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