No plan, no ticket

No plan, no ticket

Please note, this campaign has now been stood down following the relevant assurances being given by the club.  The article has been left published for future reference.  Thank you for your support, in just  a few days, 500 season tickets were place behind the campaign, yet another overwhelming effort from Latics’ fans.  Well done

Whilst we welcomed the promises made by the chairman in his statement on Tuesday, we made it clear in our response that we didn’t think they were robust enough to give real assurances to the supporters of Wigan Athletic.  Two days on and we haven’t seen any action from the board, neither have we heard from the CEO on his return from Bahrain.

We know that many of you are worried about the emails that went out last week indicating you would be asked to renew your season tickets soon.  We share these worries.  The last thing we would want is for that money, money that should be used on the ongoing development of the club next season to be used up in plugging temporary shortfalls now.

Whilst we support what we believe are the owners and board’s genuine aspirations for the club, they have lessons to learn about how they communicate with us.  We know that other supporters feel this too and want to give you a way to express that feeling and hold Mr Al Hammad to the promises he has made.

To that end, we’re launching stage 2 of our campaign and asking Latics fans to consider not purchasing 2023/24 season tickets until we have been assured that the requirements of the EFL agreed decision have been met, that wages have been paid and that plans are in place to ensure we don’t end up here again.

More details of this campaign, as well as a form to indicate that you support it can be found on our website, here:

Season Ticket Campaign – Independent Wigan Athletic ( – link now removed

We’d please also ask that you share this campaign with friends and family.  We are sure they share your concerns too and will want to support the campaign.

Finally, once you’ve signed up, feel free to use the image below to show your support on social media

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