Statement from the Independent Latics fan group

Statement from the Independent Latics fan group

Over the past 72 hours, tentative discussions have been taking place between a small number of Latics supporters linked to fan groups, social media pages and supporters involved with fanzines around starting a formal, independent fan group for all Wigan Athletic supporters.

After testing the water on social media, your response has been overwhelming.  Maybe this shouldn’t have been a surprise, given the current situation at the club, but we’re now clear that there is an appetite amongst Wigan Athletic fans for this type of group.

Our discussions will continue to develop over the next few days and weeks as we develop our plans to build an organic organisation totally separate from the people who run the football club who we can both support but offer constructive criticism when the need arises.

We will keep all who have signed up for email updates informed in due course as well as using social media to inform people but following some questions that have been raised with us, thought we should make some things clear:

  • For at least the time being, we are not attempting to speak on behalf of Wigan Athletic fans.  We know that an independent fans group needs to build trust amongst the wider community of supporters.  This will take time.  However we will continue to raise our own concerns, as appropriate, we know many of you share them.
  • We know there are independent fan groups, websites, podcasts and other outlets out there that we haven’t spoken to yet.  Things have moved at a pace none of us expected.  We plan to communicate our plans in due course, but feel free to contact us, if you want to add to the conversation.
  • We also appreciate there is an official supporters club.  We do not have any issues with the people involved there, who also care deeply for Wigan Athletic Football club.  However, we feel that a more independent group free from the patronage of the club has something different to offer.  We hope the Supporters Club recognise this too and look forward to working together in the future

If you’re interested in our plans, you can use the sign-up form on the right hand side of this page to subscribe to our newsletter where we will keep you updated with our thoughts and plans.  We will publish details of how you can get more involved in the near future

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  1. Dave Rimmer

    Excellent, like a breath of fresh air being able to voice our genuine concerns without facing ridicule and disapproval that we dare question the club. It is also nice to know that it’s a fan group not restricted in asking those questions for the good of the fans.

  2. Ste W

    This is exactly what we need, no more sucking up to the hierarchy, we want answers, NOW!

  3. John Russell

    Nothing better than a truly independent view on these very difficult times.

  4. Enough is enough

    Once – unfortunate, twice-careless, three times – embarrassing, but four times reeks of incompetent no pot to pee in chancers. We are a Basket Case of a club that has become a laughing stock.

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