Welcome to Independent Latics

Welcome to Independent Latics

A football club belongs to the fans. Managers, players, staff and even chairmen are merely the latest in the long line of people entrusted with the safekeeping. These custodians are employed to govern, represent and manage the club in the best interests of football fans who pay through the turnstile.  Without us, they are nothing.

We know that Wigan Athletic fans are the best around when faced with a crisis. We also know that it takes a crisis for us to truly respond.

Whilst we all hope that the current situation at the club turns out to be nothing more than a storm in a tea cup, no one is really doing or saying anything to stop the feeling that we, once again, may be heading towards a crisis.

Here at Independent Latics we believe that every football club should have a strong, independent fans’ movement.  A group with a desire for a football club with a stabile future, a group that will do everything in its power to ensure supporters will always have a club to belong to and a team to watch.

To ensure that a football club is for us and our children and our children’s children.

We believe that group should operate at arm’s length to the stewardship of the club so that it is able to hold them to account.  To act as a critical friend in the good times and to challenge their actions if times are less good.

We believe in evolution, not revolution and whilst it may be too late to have prevented the current situation at Latics, we believe the time has come to start the conversation about building that movement for Wigan Athletic fans, to give them the strong, independent voice that they deserve and represent their interests and the best interests of the club.

We’re not a supporter’s trust, an independent supporter’s association, a fans union or anything like that.  Not yet anyway.  We’re just a group of people who, like you, want the best for Latics and, like you, want to do something about it.  We don’t know what the future holds, but we hope that you’ll help us work that out.

There’ll be more in the coming weeks and if you’re interested in finding out what that is then subscribe to our newsletter using the link on the right hand side of this page.  You can also keep an eye on our twitter account @indielatics

We’ll speak soon, until then…

Keep the faith



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  1. SteveA

    There is no way of unsubscribing to this. There are no clue as to who anyone is. Poor.

    1. notapatchon

      Hi, thanks for the comment. There are unsubscribe links on our communications however we have assumed you wish to be unsubscribed from the newsletter and actioned your request

      Our latest article also provided some details around who is currently involved in Independent Latics and our plans to widen involvement. You can read it here: https://indielatics.uk/2023/03/28/latest-newsletter/

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